Welcome I AM here and bring this message of Peace, Love, Light, Joy and strength to men, women and children at the start of this 2014 year. A levelling of dimensional change and vibrational frequency has taken place through this last year. This will continue as thousand on thousands worldwide are reaching outward and upward to sweep the Planet of avarice, meanness, and a profound depth of sub-conscious change is coming about. Many will pass to spirit this coming year which will increase their own soul’s evolution of heart. Catastrophies occurring are due to the earth’s change of its own evolving planetary position. Planetary changes are being driven but be assured that the light in the heart of humanity will survive for your lifetime and generations to come. This promise is supported by the structures on every level up to the Godhead Powers. This message will be clear to all those seeking the light and good in their lives and those who are striving to achieve their life purpose I say continue your journey knowing that you are supported by the Angels and Ascended Masters who are guiding you every step of the way. Be At Peace – A. Michael


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