Welcome and I am glad to bring this Message of Hope to all mankind.  Many, many of you are now seeking and manifesting the word of your spiritual elders.  The community of White Eagle followers stay true to the one who guides from this side of life.  All answers will come in time.  2014 will be a year of surging forward of the light in the hearts of mankind. Keep your minds on the sun in your hearts and the moon in your lives for both have the power to bring about Peace and Love in those leaders in positions of authority on Earth.  Meditate upon these words and be thankful for your own lives in humble ways.  There is no need for manifesting gestures or desiring commodities for love, light and goodwill has shown to enhance the lives in those amongst you who give thanks for the natural gifts already supplied. 

Please continue to draw down light and breathe up Mother Earth energy sending this to the parts of Earth that need upliftment and the LIGHT of God.  Blessings to you All.  White Eagle


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