New Book Heaven Knows Why by Christine Snowdon

Snowdon – Heaven Knows – Cover (5) Due to be released by Bilboa Books – here is a sneak preview of the cover only….this. Here is what it will contain:-
When Christine asked G if he thought her second book would be published, he gently replied, “It is my second dearest heart’s wish.”

In 2012, she was told by G, her nickname for God, to start using her Soul Name, Estrellar, for her spiritual work. This was re-affirmed in a Life Between Lives session with five-times published author and qualified Past Life Regressionist Paul Williamson. Since 2007, the aim of her Touched by Angels book and website is to raise awareness of the Angels, Archangels, Elemental Beings and Ascended Masters, and how to communicate with them. Christine was also told by G that combining these qualities and abilities with Reiki created a very powerful energy to work with – which is proven by her work.

Inside this book:

• Predictions from Archangel Michael on the future for mankind

• True life stories of Angelic contact

• Conversations with God

• Photos of real-life angels and demi-gods

• Soul and spirit guidance

• How to contact your Guardian Angel

• How to rid yourself of bad spirits

• Past life regression conversations – lifetimes in 1724 and the time of Jesus

• Angels of Atlantis, Unicorns and Elementals

Love, Light, Peace, Understanding……..
Christine Snowdon


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