photo 2Can a Pet’s Soul Re-incarnate?

God: I feel the sadness in the heart of both the animal and the owner when a pet passes on to spirit. But in answer to your question it is possible for a dog or cat for example to be re-born or re-incarnate and become the pet of the same owner.

Christine: Would the reason be to allow the dog/cat/pet to continue what may have not been a completed wholeness of life path?

God: That would be one reason the other would be to help complete the life path of the owner.

Christine: Dogs in particular can have very similar traits of character with particular breeds, but I believe an owner of a dog for example would pick up on the similarity of and the individual reactions/behaviour/personality trait of a previous pet if it re-incarnated.

God: Again it is perfectly possible. Regular prayer contact can bring about a reconciliation in dreams and meditation. Beyond this it is possible for owner and pet to make a decision together with guides in spirit for the good of all, that the pet be re-incarnated during the owner’s current lifetime.


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