• In June 1996 I was driving home with my daughter and we both saw many angels in the sky I raced home grabbed my camera and  took one shot of two angels.  This photo was later published in the Daily Mail, Croydon Advertiser, MU magazine in Japan and IPC magazine Pick Me Up.


  • I am a member of The Arthur Findlay Spiritual College also The White Eagle Lodge which is a worldwide organisation. Out of the blue I had stood at my bedroom window looking up at the sky and asked God to take away the pain in my spine. I was in agony. I closed my eyes it was then that  an Indian on horseback appeared to me in my third eye he only chanted and uttered his name ‘White Eagle’ . Shortly after my my spinal injury was healed.  This true story appears in my Touched by Angels book.


  • My books provide answers to many questions that people are asking in these challenging times in our world. My aim is to bring the knowledge, awareness and  inspiration of the Angels and all universal spirit alive for people with humour and solid factual proof.  I have been taught and guided by spirit and it has been a journey of self discovery which is a work in progress.


  • My next book is due out this year called Heaven Knows Why and is being published by Balboa Books.


  • I am told by my Guides in spirit that I am teaching several hundred in the spirit world – more news of this is to be published.  But I am also told that there are further revelations to come which of course I look forward to sharing my readers with immense gratitude and excitement!

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