GODDESS BRIGID APPEARED to me this weekend stating: ALL POWER of ARCHANGELS, LEADERS IN SPIRIT gather as COUNSELS of thousands sing glory of GOD to bring PEACE amongst MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN. Parents must teach their young LOVE = PEACE. Balance must be taught, giving thanks to creation starting with the smallest seed. http://www.touched-by-angels.com Christine Snowdon Author of new book HEAVEN KNOWS WHY sharing angelic contact, divine knowledge, spiritual photography and philosophy published on AMAZON soon…



I remembered reading somewhere that Archangel Michael will appear in some form to help reduce friction in a potentially dangerous situation, such was the position I was placed in a few weeks ago.

It was a hot day and I was on my way home on a Saturday afternoon on a tram after a few hours of shopping when an argument broke out between a man in his thirties and a young male teenager. The boy look scared as the man laid into him verbally saying I only shoved you for a laugh. The two males not together when we boarded the tram as the older man had already been arguing with a woman he was with who had a young child with her. Soon enough the air was filled with black negative vibes, kids were screaming, women were begging them to stop for the sake of the children. I was expecting a free for all.

I have never done this before but I put my hands in the air with palms facing in their direction whilst invoking Archangel Michael repeatedly to please bring calm to the situation, the scene appeared to freeze and I had to blink because before me were three very well built burly men who were now blocking my view. One of them told the two men to get off the next stop if they wanted a fight. Suddenly peace ensued as the tram continued its journey. I thanked Archangel Michael as I knew he had intervened that day in a very magical way!



What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker is a spiritual human being who draws down divine white light and energy into and around their being to radiate this to the degree that it flows to others: creating energy changes for the good of all.

Lightworkers work through their hearts and minds using this dynamic energy that exists and flows directly from God (or the universal energy as some people call it) to bring about healing for changes on a molecular level. This in turn is influencing our planetary LOVE of our fellow humans on a heart level.

Lightworkers would have made a pact whilst in spirit before they are born to do all they can in the lives on Earth to bring more light into the world. Remember we are spirit in human bodies. Spiritual hierarchies are now bringing their influence on lightworkers to effect these changes: as we all have free will it will be our decision to take up what is being offered to us from the spiritual hierarchies. So teach your children well as the old saying goes, limit time that children are on game stations, ie pods, or running the streets, teach them to help others, by being kind to them they will be kind to others and not spread hate which is the most negative and damaging of human emotions.

Monetary decisions by governments far exceed the need for natural landscape preservation decisions and lightworkers are being told daily that more must be done for Mother Nature: trees need to be planted to replace those being used on a massive scale by Us. Trees and plants are living organisms vital to the balance of nature. Bees have disappeared on a big scale but will return if we heed the warnings from the spirit world.

Millions of lightworkers give their time freely to help raise the vibrations by spreading this light around and above Planet Earth but more action is needed by those leaders and institutions of countries worldwide to influence more changes of our infrastructures to benefit the so called highs and the lows of our societies….for the Good of All
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