photo 2Can a Pet’s Soul Re-incarnate?

God: I feel the sadness in the heart of both the animal and the owner when a pet passes on to spirit. But in answer to your question it is possible for a dog or cat for example to be re-born or re-incarnate and become the pet of the same owner.

Christine: Would the reason be to allow the dog/cat/pet to continue what may have not been a completed wholeness of life path?

God: That would be one reason the other would be to help complete the life path of the owner.

Christine: Dogs in particular can have very similar traits of character with particular breeds, but I believe an owner of a dog for example would pick up on the similarity of and the individual reactions/behaviour/personality trait of a previous pet if it re-incarnated.

God: Again it is perfectly possible. Regular prayer contact can bring about a reconciliation in dreams and meditation. Beyond this it is possible for owner and pet to make a decision together with guides in spirit for the good of all, that the pet be re-incarnated during the owner’s current lifetime.


Autism, Asperges and ADHD

Christine: Are these conditions, which are on the increase, brought about by humans or a natural phenomenon?

G: Smile – If you look back at the history of life on Planet Earth you will see many stages of identifiable dis-eases endemic to any given period. Evolution is a slow process with it comes natural and unnatural disasters. Thus is the cause of the latest conditions you ask about. And thus in time will these conditions cease or increase according to the pressures or lack of organic forms of structures be they physical, biological, atmospherical, universal. I hope this explains the existence of Autism, Asperges and other similar aspects or spectrums of Autism.

Christine: It makes perfect sense to me but will they be cured scientifically?

G: Ahh, time will tell. The scientists believe they have the answer for most cures that plague the human race, but many amongst them have come to realize that nature can be very unpredictable. In other words many times they have to bow down to accept the hand of God is at work.

Christine: Yes, I understand but will they find a cure?

G: If ‘they’ do then another dis-ease or condition will take its place. These conditions will continue unless and until the human race as a whole realizes the light of the divine exists in each and every life; that it is individually and ultimately joined and recognised as one, then and only then will the love of one to another bring selflessness about and dis-ease will cease to exist.

Christine: Thankyou, again it makes sense.

G: Seek first the light in your own heart, I am there….



C: If a person has passed on is it wrong to communicate with their spirit if the reason is to ease another’s grief?

G: Ahh! The age old question. Deepening your knowledge experientially whilst maintaining a firm commitment and belief in Jesus Chris and your creator is never wrong. To speak with so called dead spirits to help a grieving incarnate is going to create a further need to continue the messages. A lifetime on Earth would be better spent by studying the Bible and the lifetime of Jesus your saviour who gave his life to forgive the incarnated human beings from their ‘sins’ as they were labelled.

C: Is it wrong then to communicate with the angelic realm as many mediums who do so believe in Jesus and his father our creator God?

G: This question all comes down to free will. You know that all incarnated human beings have the freedom to exercise their own free will. But know this, it is only through the one Christ light that everlasting life comes to rise upward into the heavenly realms of spirit, when a human leaves their earthly body.

C: So we are free to study, partake in communicating with Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters provided we truly believe that Jesus Christ will forgive us?

G: Yes. But know this also Jesus the Christ has shown you the way. He is your only true Avatar.



Christine: How would you define Justice?

God: Justice comes in many ways.It can be through a court of law, where all the evidence is presented by both sides and a judge decides on the right and wrong of a situation or justice can come to a person through endeavour, when ‘just’ rewards come to them.

Christine: So what of a baby born to a mother who has been taking illegal drugs, abusing drugs, the baby suffers until weaned off itself from drugs withdrawals does this child have justice?

God: That baby would have chosen that particular experience for soul purposes, in other words to gain personal knowledge and growth of soul.

Christine: Does all injustice become justified in the long term then?

God: Yes, ultimately one way or another over the course of time, even a millenium, justice will come to the victim and to the perpetrator will come, a soul lesson plus initially a loss of the glory they sought when trying or succeeding even in pulling a fast one against or over their victim. So you see ultimately no-one is a loser, on a soul level, lessons are learned. Not a case of ‘to the victor the spoils’, as the victor’s advancement on a soul level is delayed or put back.

Christine: I understand, thankyou for explaining in layman’s terms.

G: You are welcome



Christine: We had a storm yesterday and as I walked along the road through the driving rain, lightening and thunder there was a moment’s silence and as I looked up at the sky I saw two dark clouds parting and the facial image of a man I had drawn five years ago telling me he was Thor. He looked wild eyed and crazy looking. Why? God: Thor the legendary God of Thunder manifested to you in a way you would recognise. Christine: Was the image of Thor in the storm the representation of the elemental spirit creating thunder in the sky? God Yes!


Christine: Is it true that the Ancient TOL could access and work with water to create harmony and balance in the world? God: Yes, the crystal geometry exists in water but to access this to create harmony and balance in the world as you know it has been taken a step further. Once you have raised your own vibrations to the level of communication with Ascended Masters, Archangels, Guides and Guardian Angels then working with water is another means to an end. Christine: Does this mean that there is a proven method to satisfy the scientific community that there is more to energy than crystal geometry? God: Yes, to scientifically see the crystaline shapes manipulated by a human mind would prove the power of mind over matter. Christine: And do lightworkers do this also with light? God: You and I know this occurs on a daily basis as it is an accepted part of the creative nature of a true lightworker, i.e. a person who works for the good of all and constantly works towards bring more harmony and balance in the world. Christine: Thankyou once again for your illumination!


photo 2
#Christine asks M: Can a pet dog who has passed on return to help us? M: Yes, most definitely. The reason is LOVE. Dogs can be trained with such love as they have a need to be guided to return and demonstrate their Love to their owner when the dog has left their earthly life. As dogs live their lives on the earth plane at the alpha level that is to say a higher dimension – they are already aware of spirit entities existence. They can see hear and feel spirit around their humans having charge of their care. This may come as a revelation to some pet owners who not realize this. So indeed dogs who have become aware of negativity in a home may bring their families of dogs from spirit to remove any negative existence of entities that may have intention to cause mayhem in a home! http://www.touched-by-angels.com christinesnowdon.com



Angels Cradle Your Auras

God: There are times in your earth life when the human spirit stoops to a low ebb. What to do at these times is be gentle with yourself. Taking things a bit slower than you would normally. This way your soul will feel the gentleness of your body emotions which is a good thing. Christine: Some people in this state cannot see a way forward in their life. God: It is not the time then to be worrying. It is a time to just “be” seeking silence and having a caring heart. Nature can have a calming effect on the human heart, mind and soul. Walking in nature will soothe your soul. Then the day comes to smile again and seek the comfort of your angels who are around you cradling your aura.